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Our Services

LP Printed Circuits specializes in PCB layout design and manufacturing.

LP-PCB can provide solutions for any type of PCB from prototype to Mass Production. The company structures different components for our clients which are tailored to their exact needs and demands, while adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions, and offers comprehensive consulting and advisory services, from conception to receiving the printed circuit from the manufacturer.

LP offers one of the most comprehensive service packages in the industry: our clients get access to a component catalog on our website which is kept up-to-date based on manufacturers’ recommendations – the catalog is available for download.

At the same time, we offer our clients quality 24/7 service, in order to ensure our full availability at all times. Our company stays regularly informed with new updates and uses the most innovative technologies in the industry in order to offer every client the best and most optimal PCB design services.

Our main goal is clear: professional, precise, advanced planning in each project, and providing assistance and advisement meant to reduce time-to-market. All this is done in order to offer our clients a critical, important advantage over the competition in an industry that abounds with players.

In order to meet this goal, the LP team ensure that they are constantly on their toes, offering our clients an especially broad range of capabilities.
Our professionals specialize in designing all types of industrial, military, and medical circuits:

  • Micro BGA B&B Via
  • Analog / Power supply
  • RF/Wi-Fi
  • Back plans
  • Flexible & Rigid-flexible
  • Fast Digital / Matched Lengths / Controlled Impedance
  • Multi-Giga Frequencies till 18 GHz
  • Micro BGA B&B Via
  • Analog / Power supply
  • RF/Wi-Fi
  • Back plens
  • Flexible & Rigid-flexible
  • Fast Digital / Matched Lengths / Controlled Impedance
  • Multi-Giga Frequencies till 18 GHz

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LP Printed Circuits embarked on its path in the field a few years ago, as a company which prides itself on personalized, precise, and professional service. Upon its launch the company espoused two main principles: focus, and satisfied clients.

We realize and implement the principle of focus by dedicating our full attention with regard to PCB design of all types professionally, using precise working methods and actions which aspire for perfection at all times.

The principle of maintaining satisfied clients is implemented by providing comprehensive professional consulting and advising the client throughout the process, from the first concept stage to manufacturing. This principle is expressed best by our availability to our many clients around the clock, 24/7, knowing that availability is an important added value in such a dynamic, fast-developing world.

We are here at your service at any time and for any issue, ready to offer advice, to explain, to assist our clients and to improve the process.

Consulting and Advisement

The consulting and advisement service offered by the company express one of our most important principles – high-quality, precise service for our clients. LP Printed Circuits advises its clients throughout all stages of the process, from planning and drawing up the circuit and all its components, to building the different components and obtaining the circuit from the manufacturer.

LP assists its clients even after receiving the circuit, in order to ensure that each client gets the comprehensive service that best fits them. The entire working process is carried out while fully coordinating with our skilled PCB designers, with the clear goal that each step of the process must be carried out in the best way possible.

We are at your service 24/7, for any advice and assistance you may need. We are aware of the highly competitive nature of our industry, and we will therefore do everything to offer you the fastest and most professional service, which will always allow you to be one step ahead of your competition.

Our Clients

Component Library

We have prepared a component library for you, leave details in the form and we will send you an email link to download.